PLANET KERALA network of the practitioners
who promote Participatory Approaches in Development and Governance.

Participatory Learning and Action Network-Kerala

Our Services
PLANET KERALA is offering expertise and activities in the following areas

Participatory Action Research

Production of knowledge is through participatory learning and action research initiatives towards addressing the issues specific to the area / community through the involvement of the researchers and the communities on a common platform along with different stakeholders.

Participatory Assessment Studies

PLANET KERALA facilitated a series of participatory appraisal and evaluation studies for generating a better understanding over the proposed actions in the development fields, improve the actions ongoing, to document and disseminate experiences Some of the recent appraisal tasks include.

Capacity Building in Participatory Approaches

PLANET KERALA facilitates capacity building processes to institutions, programmes and individuals based on the experiences and results evolving from the ongoing action researches. Following are the current areas where a multidisciplinary team engages in building capacities of different stakeholders involved in development.

The network comprises of individuals, Action Researchers, Academicians and Development Activists who are committed to Participatory Approaches. PLANET KERALA believes that Participation is basic to humanization, democratization, development and the dynamism that reinforces human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Moreover we understand that Participation is the activity of acquiring "Right, Control and Ownership" by the people (stakeholders) over the process of producing knowledge and the product i.e., "knowledge" itself. Hence, production of knowledge from the life situation by the people/stakeholders is the foundation of participation.