Participatory Learning and Action Network-Kerala

PLANET KERALA network of the practitioners
who promote Participatory Approaches in Development and Governance.


PLANET KERALA facilitated a series of participatory appraisal and evaluation studies for generating a better understanding over the proposed actions in the development fields, improve the actions ongoing, to document and disseminate experiences
Some of the recent appraisal tasks include-

1. Formulation of stakeholder needs after field study and consultation with stakeholders and Grama Sabhas
Client: Modernising Government Program- Government of Kerala

Formulation of planning directives in Health and Education sector based on stakeholders needs consultations in 14 Local Self Government institutions across the state and after presentation in Grama Sabhas.

2. Study on the chronic poverty and gender in Tribals - Sustainability Livelihood Analysis
Client: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Finding the multi-dimensional nature of chronic poverty among the Scheduled Tribes. Mapping of overall policies and programmes directed to the ST households and impact of these programmes within the households. Generation of an alternative framework based on the identified issues.

3. Post Implementation Monitoring of Batch 1&II Jalanidhi Project
Client: World Bank- Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency

Monitoring and documentation of issues relating to sustainability of 450 community water supply schemes through participatory process in Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.

4. Performance appraisal of women IT enterprises facilitated through Kudumbasree Mission in Kerala State
Client - Institute of Development, Planning and Management, University of Manchester, UK

Analysing the dynamics of all women managed IT enterprises and its impact over poverty reduction within a livelihood frame.

5.Stakeholder consultations for the preparation of Programme Implementation Document - Dutch Government supported Drinking Water and Sanitation Programme.
Client: Royal Netherlands Embassy and Government of Kerala

> Through participatory process generated qualitative information on the socio-economic, environmental, water resources and sanitation-related conditions among primary stakeholders at the Panchayath level in five Grama Panchayaths -Idukki and Alappuzha Districts.

6. Inclusion/ Exclusion factors impacting membership in Jalanidhi Project.
Client: World Bank- Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency

Assessing the processes, factors and forces enabling, as well as acting as barriers to the participation of needy beneficiaries in Jalanidhi Project.

7. Assessing the NGO-Panchayath collaborations in Watershed Development and Rural Water Supply Programmes in Kerala.
Client: Swiss Development Cooperation / Inter Cooperation Programme, Thiruvananthapuram

Analysed and documented the quality of relationships between PRIs and NGOs in the collaborative projects, the effects of the collaboration, explored possible roles of NGOs and future sectors of collaboration. The experience of the NGOs and PRIs in performing their respective roles and interrelationships.

8. Process Documentation of Batch I Jalanidhi Project.
Client: World Bank- Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency

Documented the processes, the best practices and lessons learnt in the Community Water Supply Pilot project experimentation in five Panchayaths through participatory consultation with the stakeholders .

9. Concurrent Process Monitoring of Batch II Jalanidhi Project.
Client: World Bank- Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency

Assessed the content, effectiveness, usefulness and momentum of approaches advocated as to draw lessons for further improvements in institutional arrangements, project components and other interventions of the Jalanidhi Project.

10.Sustainability Evaluation of Batch I & II Jalanidhi Projects
Client: World Bank- Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency

Monitored and documented the issues relating to sustainability of 412 community water supply schemes through participatory process (SEE II & III).

11.Coastal Zone Management -Building Peoples Perspectives
Client: Kottapuram Integrated Development Society- Kodungaloor

Participatory assessment to understand the factors affecting the fishermen community and other stakeholders in selected coastal panchayaths within Ernakulam and Trichur Districts.