About Us PLANET KERALA is offering expertise and activities in the following areas

Planet Kerala


PLANET KERALA believes that participation is basic to humanization, democratisation, development and the dynamism that reinforces human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability.


The Mission of PLANET KERALA is to enable and facilitate active participation of all the stakeholders, particularly the weaker among them and their institutions/organisations, in the process of development and governance

Aims and objectives

a) Capacity Building: To improve capacity of communities, grass-root level institutions, NGOs, Governments and other development actors to internalise and apply participatory approaches

b) Supporting Participatory Development Initiatives: To support and collaborate with different stakeholders to promote participatory development initiatives

c) Networking and Sharing: To network and share experiences and insights with local, national and international partners in development and governance to mainstream participatory approaches

d) Process and Methodological Innovations: To develop Processes, Frameworks, Methods and Tools to address specific issues, facilitate participation and action research

e) Research and Documentation: To facilitate and undertake participatory research for generating knowledge towards action and to document and disseminate results and experiences

f) Advocacy: To undertake advocacy functions for influencing policies, processes and programmes to promote participation

Planet Kerala
Planet Kerala

PLANET KERALA has acquired capacities and experiences in the following focus areas:

  • Participatory approaches for strengthening Local Governance
  • Facilitating Gender Equity approach
  • Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods through participatory processes
  • Participatory Management of Natural Resources
  • Participatory Appraisals/assessments and Micro Planning
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation by building up internal learning and management systems
  • Participatory Evaluations and Impact Assessments by all the stakeholders
  • Local Community initiated Environment Impact Assessments
  • Facilitating Participatory Action Research and Participatory Technology Development (selected issues/themes)
  • Facilitating Organizational/Institutional development processes
  • Facilitating Participatory Action Research processes for Building on Results
  • Process Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation

About our Services Organization


PLANET KERALA facilitates capacity building processes to institutions, programmes and individuals based on the experiences and results evolving from the ongoing action researches.Read more

Our Publications

Being involved in grassroots level participatory initiatives, and at the same time supporting development programs through evaluations, together with action research initiatives in the concerned arena, brings PLANET Kerala with a unique knowledge generation potential. Read more

Actions solardist

Solar Distillation for Potable Water in Coastal Areas and Groundwater Quality Augmentation through Rainwater Harvesting Supported by World Bank India Country Level Development Marketplace 2004.Read more

Organization Information

PLANET Kerala (Participatory Learning and Action Network- Kerala).PLANET KERALA is registered in India, under the Travancore-Cochin Literary and Charitable Societies Act of 1955 with number T4807/2001. Read more


The people at PLANET Kerala possess various professional backgrounds and works as a multidisciplinary team hence providing a complete picture for participatory development processes. Bio sketch of the key professionals and their areas of expertise.Read more

Our learning's & Studies

PLANET KERALA facilitated a series of participatory appraisal and evaluation studies for generating a better understanding over the proposed actions in the development fields, improve the actions ongoing, to document and disseminate experiences. Read more


Solar Distillation for Potable Water in Coastal Areas and Groundwater Quality Augmentation through Rainwater Harvesting Supported by World Bank India Country Level Development Marketplace 2004.Read more

Regeneration and Restoration

Regeneration of Freshwater Base in Wetlands by Facilitating Eco-restoration Dynamics within Soil, Water and Biodiversity.Restoration of Ecosystems in Tsunami affected areas around the confluence of the right arm of Periyar River. Read more


Production of knowledge is through participatory learning and action research initiatives towards addressing the issues specific to the area / community through the involvement of the researchers and the communities on a common platform along with different stakeholders. Read more